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There are many names to relationships and countless classifications can be done but there is an another perspective. All the relationships are based on bonding, and bondings are based on the universal emotion of love. Just the magnitude of love and affection varies your level of comfort and happiness with a person.

Friendship is a reciprocal phenomenon whereas love can be one sided too. Personally I rate friendship above love, but as specific as love, it is very hard to find good friendship. Finding reciprocal emotion in friendship is easier as compared to finding true love.

Love makes you change, friendship takes you the way you are and loves you that way, it means friendship resists changes. Most important thing is that there is seldom any nagging involved in friendship ad even it is there it is hardly noticed.

Friendship is unconditional whereas Love is based on expectations, conditions, commitment and efforts.You can have friends who are always there for you when you need, selflessly. In love it is more about self satisfaction than selfless emotion. Do not confuse yourself here as doing something that makes your lover happy is also selfish in some what ways, a friend makes you happy by staying the way they are. May be this is not the case always but decision is rest on your experience.

Love is known to bind you, friendship lets you be free. Love restricts your wants and desires but friendship supports the insatiable dreams and wants of human mind.


Relationships Demands

Guys side of the story. A funny story with a gender biased view but still a good laugh. Females please read it with an open mind, no disrespect intended.

Do I know you...

People often fall in love and try to mould themselves into whatever is necessary to keep a relationship going. But are they able to do the very basic? Knowing each other?

All  about relationships

The all and all about relationships. What a cool way to say it rather than saying it with a video. A cool animated that gives a 'thumbs up' to the creator. A must watch.

A perfect proposal

The perfect ways to propose your lover. It's hard  to do it but then, it is much harder to find someone worthy of it. May god bless us all with what we want,..

A tribute to NICE guys

"Nice guys end up last". A tribute to the last ending nice guys, not because they don't have the power to win, but because of the constraints of being nice. Something dedicated to them.

A child's view on love

Read what children think of relationships, love and commitment. It is a good take, as the matured one's are just too busy to think about it or are simply confused.


Long Distance Relationship

Mostly people tend to drift apart as the geological distances grow between them, may be due to lack of communication or may be even due to lack of physical presence. See what you can do to keep it.

Heart to Heart

A chat experience that is too good too share, because it probably uncovers the deepest secrets of a lovers heart. A very true experience, just read it and fascinate yourself.





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